Video: Produce Content That Enhances Your Website

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Are you stressed about your current website? Maybe your creating a new template or perhaps your striving to enhance the one you already have. Use these several key elements for content to bring life into your website.

Customer Proof

If you’ve had your business for a while you most likely you have testimonials. Weather they are about your product or service, testimonials seem pretty standard with businesses. Though this might be the case, don’t fall into the trap of over complicating testimonials.

The most powerful testimonial you can ask for or obtain is a one line phrase or statement.  By having the testimonial just one sentence you’re ensuring that your content will have a higher viewing rate.

Making Content Social and Shareable

Make life easy on yourself by providing social sharing buttons for all of your content. Let others promote what you do by giving viewers the tools to share with others. You can make content easy to share by place social buttons within your blog on each post. Also consider placing social buttons throughout your website when appropriate.

For each visual image that is found within your website, provide a pin button for that image. Pintrest is one of the fastest growing social platforms right now and search engines favor this social platform.

Always choose high-quality images throughout your blog and website.  Stay away from stock images that look fake or have forced emotion.

Website’s Message

Use your “about page” to share your business’s purpose, don’t’ use it tor share your life’s story. Viewers could care less on how many dogs you have, how many colleges you attended, or what you ate for lunch yesterday.

Show viewers the value of your company by sharing what inspires you. Explain why you chose the business field that you did. Inspire your viewers by showing them that your love for what you do comes first in everything.

Viewers will see this information as gold and in return provide you with a sense of credibility and connection.

Be Simplistic In Your Purpose

When creating your content within your website, simplicity cannot be over emphasized. Too many times businesses try too hard to impress others by their choice of words. Choose words that are solid, clear and inspiring.

Simplicity goes a long way.  Look throughout your website and ask yourself, “Is the content found on this page informative, inspiring and directional?” If not, then consider your experiment as a sign to change that particular content.

Each piece of text should have a purpose and a direction to it. Don’t place text, words and phrases within your website just to fill up space. Viewers are tired of sifting through the junk to find the valuable content they’re looking for. Remember, simplicity shows a stronger sign of sophistication when done right.

When designing your website or enhancing it, seek to make gradual improvements. Don’t waste time and effort by stressing for perfection. Look for slight weak points within your design and keep striving for improvement. Do the little things that make a big difference in the long run.