Video: Content Marketing 3 Legged Stool

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Producing valuable content for your target audience is a must. Content marketing has received quite the hype these days and understandably so. Marketing has evolved to where audiences no longer want to hear companies brag about themselves. Customers want to obtain valuable resources from their favorite brands.

Investing your time and resources into content marketing will build your brand while increasing online traffic and visibility.

If you’re new to content marketing or wish to strengthen your marketing, use the three legs of content marketing to provide a sturdy foundation for your business.

First Leg- Web Site

When trying to figure out what content is best for your website, take a look at what your business offers. Do you have various products, or particular services? Whatever your specialty might be-write about it! Go into depth about your products and services. Provide answers to questions asked about your company.

As you begin to produce content and articles, place them on the appropriate pages of your website. Place hyperlinks inside the articles; it will take users to similar content. Strategically place keywords within your articles as well. For content with strong SEO presence, place keywords in the title and first paragraph of your blog. Never “keyword-stuff”, this is when you repeat keywords throughout your content, trying to trick Google into moving your website into ranking. (This tactic will actually move your website down in ranking)

Second Leg- E-mails

Consider your mailing list as a personal community.  These prime leads are often converted into the highest sales. How do you convert those who are part of your community? Simple, you give the community valuable content with a call to action.

Email has made it even easier to stay connected with your followers by providing auto-responders. With the right email platform, you can organize your community based upon the interest and needs of the user. Tailor content that speaks directly to these users, which will create intimate conversations-increasing fan loyalty.

Third Leg- Blog

Blogs require a strong commitment in order to get results. Blog followers are always hungry for content. In the beginning the demand might be small with just a few followers, but as subscriptions increase so does the demand.

When this demand settles in, a business will usually fall victim to producing less quality articles. Don’t do it! Be sure to keep the up value, only using quality content.  If you find yourself too busy with all your new clients, outsource to freelance writers.

Content without value is spam. Always have your target audience in mind when creating sharable content. Having valuable content produces warm leads and creates online relationships.