Video: The Power of Listening Through Social Media

You can also view the transcript below:

Imagine the most egotistical individual you know with a huge microphone. This is how many businesses view social media, a soapbox where they can yell and broadcast about themselves.

Instead of seeing social media as a microphone see it as a radio. Your customers are in control and you are simply listening to the different interactions, messages and stories taking place.

Listening For Customer Interaction

Using social media as a form of listening will build and strengthen relationships. By constantly responding back to your customers you are allowing an open relationship where customers feel that they can speak openly. Consistency is key in communicating that your business is committed to responding and listening to its customers. Responding back to positive and negative feedback communicates that your business is always listening.

Listening For Customer Feedback

Listening for customer concerns or issues is important for early resolution and customer satisfaction. Be sure to respond quickly when certain comments or questions arise. If you’re social media strategy is well organized ask customers directly for their comments and questions about your products and services.

Listening For Gathering Intelligence

Hearing from your customers first-hand what they prefer in your product/service ensures timely decisions and actions based on real feedback. This careful monitoring gives your business opportunities to provide new products and services. It will also provide a gauge to know how your customer views your business.

When you take the time to listen and respond thoughtfully you open the lines of communication between you and your customers. What do you listen for while using your various social media platforms? Tell us by leaving a comment below or ask a question, we’ll be sure to reply back.