Video: One Giant Mistake You’re Making With Your Landing Pages

You can also view the transcript below:

Lead pages and lead capture forms play such a crucial role in online marking. I’m astonished when I talk to small businesses and find that a majority of them don’t have these valuable tools. Yes they have the social platforms and the beautiful website and sometimes they do email, but on a rare occasion small business will have landing pages that convert.

A landing page is used to focus the attention of your web visitors on a particular offer. These strategically simplified pages are used to limit distractions and capture a visitor as lead.

Converting visitors into leads even when using tools like landing pages can be quite difficult. Some of the greatest lead pages are simplistic in design and layout but has offers and content that is compelling to convert.

So whether you’re the small business owner who doesn’t have any landing pages or if you’re sampling needing to polish yours, here are some key elements that make a good landing page.

Remove The Main Navigation

When developing your landing pages always keep in mind that your goal is to eliminate distractions. Too often small businesses have every type of offer and distraction available on their pages, such as social buttons and additional offers. Keep the distractions to a minimal by taking the navigation away and having the visitor focus on one thing, the offer.

Place The Right Tools

The million-dollar question is, “What are the critical elements needed of an effective landing page?” Well, understanding that simplicity converts the most visitors there are four key elements to consider.

  • The headline
  • A brief summary of what is being offered
  • A supporting image
  • The form that captures visitors’ information

Though this list is small, don’t mistake it for how important each element is to converting. Never place content on your landing page that has no relevance to what you are offering. Keep the form as simple as possible. Don’t ask for information that is not needed. The more information you are requesting the lower rate of conversion for you.

Match the Heading of the Landing Page to its corresponding CTA

Place the same title in your header as your CTA to ensure that your visitor is not confused. If you have a link on your website that says download our free e-book make sure that the landing page states download our free e-book. If there is any hesitation from the visitor that they might be on the wrong page- consider that visitor gone!

Keep the layout simple

You’ve heard it time and time again… less is more. With lead pages that particular phrase brings a great deal of value and truth. Don’t make the mistake of placing content and images that are irrelevant. Placing content that might seem important should be evaluated and then reevaluated to ensure that the content placed in the page is valuable and crucial to the conversion.

Taking the time to evaluate your website’s landing pages will pay off undoubtedly. Lead pages are what converts strangers to lifetime customers. That task alone is what online marketing is all about-making you money.