Video: Why You’re Not Attracting Your Ideal Customer

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Wow! Exclaimed my wife as she dashed over to a window display. “ Ali what are you doing? We’re going to be late for our dinner reservation. ” I said, as I walked over to view what she was seeing. It was a large banner with bold lettering with the phrase “Our most comfortable fashion line yet!- Try our newest and most comfortable clothing line.”

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed her hand- “Lets go, we’re going to be late” I said.

“We have just enough time for me to try on a few things” Ali replied as she separated our hands and dashed into the store.

It wasn’t long before I was sitting in the changing room helping her find the right sizes. As I looked down the hall way I realized that I wasn’t the only male that got pulled into the store. It seemed like a dozen or so men were sitting in the changing room. As I watched and listened I heard various women eek and giggly in excitement as they talked about the new clothing.

I thought to myself, “Are these clothes really that different?”  It seemed that right when I asked myself that question I quickly found myself in the check out line whipping out my credit card.

Companies that truly understand their ideal client make the most money! Its simple- as a company you need to find a specific demographic who has a particular need.

What caught my wife’s attention was not the flashy lights and well dressed manikin. It was the banner with the phrase “ Our most comfortable fashion line yet.” That phrase spoke to my wife, why because she’s a woman that loves fashionable clothing but loves be comfortable while wearing it.

To some that phrase wouldn’t attract nor grab their attention. I personally feel that the business knew that the banner would only attract a certain type of client. They didn’t tailor their sign to get everyone excited about the new clothing line, they focused on the people who they knew they could get to buy.

My wife became interested because the company used certain keywords to attract her- Comfortable and Fashionable. I’m sure if I asked my wife if she noticed a difference in the one brand of clothing as another, she wouldn’t be able to tell that great of difference in comfort. Though that might be the case women were still crazy about the clothing. Why? Because the business stands for clothing that is fashionable and comfortable and some particular women believe in that type of product.

You could get the same type of reaction if you focus on the language of your ideal customer. Look for keywords that not only express you products and services, but speaks to your customers. Companies fail when they try to tailor their business to everyone’s needs. Be a business that reaches out to a specific demographic and you’ll find yourself booking a lot more vacations next summer!