Video: Why You Need Google’s Products

You can also view the transcript below:

If you’ve been paying attention to inbound and social media marketing, you’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about Google +. In its early development Google + was not a big hit when compared to its competitors Facebook and Twitter.

Throughout time Google adapted by featuring add-ons and integrating with other Google products. With these changes Google has now attracted over 500 million registered users and is growing into the second largest social network.

With the ever-growing strength and presence of Google+ it reinforces the business potential as a social network. Its important that your business understands what Google+ can truly offer.

So, how can you make your business and your content appear more relevant to prospective leads and customers? Here’s a list of the quickest and easiest ways to get involved using Google’s tools.

Open a Google+ Page

If you haven’t yet, you’ll need to open yet another social media account. By adding this social platform you’re claiming more precious real estate on the Google search result page for your brand and business. Since this is a Google product, you know that they’ll favor anyone who uses their product.

To create your business page, navigate to and click on the button to the upper right that states, “Create a Google+ page.” Google will ask for you to enter a personal or work email address, from there its simply following steps.

Set Up Google Authorship

Google authorship is one of Google +’s strongest advantaged. A core element to inbound marketing is revolved around blogging and it’s important to be identified as a publisher of content. Google authorship allows you to reflect not only your blog’s text, but the author and marketer.

Having authorship benefits provides your content heightened credibility, professionalism and transparency. This process puts a face and a name to the search engine results. Making search engine results more personable has shown to improve click through rates (CTR).  A CTR has a direct correlation with your traffic numbers to your website.

Visit Google’s authorship page and begin setting yourself apart from your competition.

It’s by small and simple changes that make large accomplishments happen. You’ll obtain that higher ranking and additional traffic as you focus on producing more content and making small changes. Keep pushing forward and best of luck to your success.