Video: Creating A Great First Impression With Your Website Design

You can also view the transcript below:

People make first impressions and pass judgments everyday. Yes first impressions are sometimes wrong, but we do all the time. We need to know and remember that these characteristics of passing judgment from people are the same with websites!

Most websites average a 30%- 60% bounce rate. That means nearly half of the traffic that lands on websites immediately leave- meaning that they were not impressed with what they saw. As marketers we call this pogo sticking.

So, what does this mean for your website? You need to make your website more appealing making your first impression a strong one. Doing so will persuade your viewers to stay longer and eliminating the chance of them immediately jump back to the search engine.

You’re probably all wondering, “Ok, how do I do this?” Simple-you make your first impression a great one!

When a potential customer lands on your homepage they notice three things; the navigation throughout the website, consistency, and accessibility.

When designing your website, always begin with the layout.

Focus on the overall purpose of your website. Oftentimes businesses get so caught up with the idea of having a website, that they fail to establish a true purpose.

Make it easy for viewers to find the information they are looking for, by making navigation easy. Doing so will increase your viewing rate.

Keep the same visual and content elements on each page of your website.

These elements include color, navigation bar, logo, typography and layout. Websites that fail to keep consistency throughout their pages confuse users, which result in a lower viewing rate.

When a viewer goes to your page and realizes it’s not what they’re looking for, they will immediately click off. This causes you to lose a potential customer.

Calls to action inform visitors on what to do next.

New visitors to a website want to know what they should do once they’ve entered your website- they want the full experience!

Sometimes websites have no call to actions while others have far too many. Its all about knowing your buyer’s personas and tailoring your website to their needs. Ask yourself- “will my ideal customer identify where their desired information is located?” If you answer yes, then you’re right on track with having a clear call to action!

Like I said before, first impressions are everything!

Make yours unforgettable by having a simplistic design and layout that can be easily navigated. Never underestimate the power of simplicity and consistency throughout your entire website.

Best of Luck- I’ll see you next time!