Video: Have Your Website Generate Leads with These 3 Tools

You can also view the transcript below:

The entire purpose for creating your website should be to generate leads and convert viewers into paying customers. Creating a website for any other purpose is basically pointless. There are three vital tools you can use to generate leads from your website.

CTA’s grab the attention of viewers and motivate them to act.

Simplicity is key when it comes to design. Consider using colors that are found within your websites color hues, but focus on using colors that have contrast from your pages background.

Do everything you can to make your CTA’s larger and more prominent. This will motivate viewers to click on them.

Your CTA should look like an actual button you can press.

Remember: simplicity is key. Make it a solid color with a simply phrase.

Make all text clean, specific, and action oriented.  All text needs to generate an emotional response within the viewer.

Focus on value and what the viewer will receive if they commit to action. Put your value in the offer, focus on how it will benefit the viewer, and customers will come pouring in.

Landing pages work directly with CTA buttons.

CTA buttons are direct links that drive traffic onto landing pages. Once traffic arrives on the landing page- visitors are able to convert into leads. Landing pages focus on obtaining personal information from viewers.

Make sure your CTA’s and landing pages work together to drive the conversion process. Do this by including the same offer and description on your CTA and landing pages.

You will generate more leads for your business if you have effective CTA’s that are well designed and positioned. Direct those CTA’s to your landing pages and begin to see great results!