A Successful Leader is a Leader Who Delegates

You’re going to miss another important conference, and that meeting with your accountant had to be moved yet again all because you were entering orders and answering customer service inquiries. If you find yourself spending most of the day performing routine activities followed by sleepless nights strategizing to achieve your business goals then it’s time for you to delegate.

Delegation, it’s a frightening concept for leaders who like to control absolutely every detail of their operation but to truly succeed in business, assigning tasks to subordinates is paramount. Need more convincing? Here are a few reasons it’s important to delegate.

1)   Reduces your workload

Working 12 hour days is not sustainable for the long run. Delegating routine tasks to employees will allow you to concentrate on your business strategy and maybe even allow you to take a few moments to relax. If the activity is repetitive, delegate it.

2)   Enables task completion

The first thing an overworked leader notices when taking stock of his day-to-day activities is a plethora of half-completed tasks. Spreading yourself too thin will result in daily activities not being complete and the ones you do finish will most likely be inaccurate. Stop being a Jack-of-all-trades and master the ones that are important for your business to reach new heights.

3)   Builds trust with your employees

Not all delegated duties should be routine. Giving your employees more tasks to perform, especially impactful ones, builds trust. Show the people you have hired that you trust them to perform the duties necessary for your business to run effectively and, in turn, they will trust you.

4)   Develops all-star employees

Developing all-star employees is impossible if you do not give them duties that allow them to grow. Procure your employees talents so they can tackle more difficult tasks in the future. This again will allow you to concentrate on your bottom line which, in the long run, benefits you and your employees.

Ready to start delegating? Let go of the reigns, at least a bit, and you will see giving up a little control will enable your business to reach its full potential.