The 5 Things Unhappy People Habitually Do

It’s a simple fact of life: some days are just better than others. But if you are unhappy, the bad days definitely outnumber the good.

So if you feel down and out most of the time, how can you shift your attitude from persistently negative to predominantly positive? Well, you can start by identifying the habits unhappy people tend to develop. Once you recognize these behaviors you can work on changing your disposition to become much more positive.

1.    Overly worried about how you are perceived by others

Do you need constant approval? Are you concerned almost constantly about how others perceive you? There is nothing wrong with seeking positive reinforcement on occasion but if you require it to feel pleased with yourself, it’s time to make a change. Develop confidence in yourself by taking positive actions.

2.    Concerned with things out of your control

Focus on the things you can change and avoid concentrating on factors in your life that are beyond your control. Irritated with traffic? Let it go. The weather stinks? Forget about it. Recent events in the news have you down? Move on. Feel overweight and out of shape? – Well, this you can change, begin to act today.

3.    Looking for happiness in material items

Unhappy people often attempt to find contentment in material items like cars, houses, jewelry and electronic gadgets. If you are always chasing that buyer’s high, stop and think for a moment “Will this shiny new object really make me happy?” Don’t say yes. The “high” you receive from buying that new phone, computer or sedan will fade away and leave you wanting more.

4.    Setting goals that are far too lofty

If you make your goals so ridiculously difficult, you are setting yourself up for failure and failure leads to unhappiness. Craft some short term as well as longer-term goals that you believe you can achieve. The key point: you must believe it. Challenging goals can help you grow but impossible objectives can destroy your outlook.

5.    You believe life is just too hard

Do you believe life is hard? Maybe someone from your past, possibly a parent, told you that life is difficult. If that’s the case, you are focusing on the negatives and ignoring the wonderful things life offers you. Transform what seems to be an arduous task into a joyous occasion. An example: be thankful you have money for paying your bills instead of cursing the world for having to pay them.

With a predominantly positive, can-do attitude, you will begin to attract good things into your life.