6 Tips to Help You Become Proactive and Prevent Your Customers from Cancelling

This isn’t breaking news but the process of securing new customers can be quite arduous and expensive. So preventing your current customer base from leaving your establishment for another should be at the top of your list. That being said, how do you stop a loyal customer from cancelling service?

Well to start you have to pay attention to the warning signs that reveal your customer’s devotion to your company is waning.

But first…

  1.     An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

What’s great about old adages is that most of them contain, at the minimum, a modicum of truth. If possible, learn your customer’s expectations before attempting to gain their business, prevent issues at the beginning.

2. Lack of contact

Is your customer calling, emailing or live chatting with you? Asking for support? If you notice that a customer is suddenly very silent this could be a sign that their account needs attention. Contact your customer to root out possible issues or the next time they call you, it might be their last.

3. Stagnation

If your customer seems disinterested and their account has stagnated, this can be a major red flag.

4. Changing your product or service

Even if you believe you have improved your product or service, your customer may disagree. Engage your customers with phone calls and surveys to ensure their satisfaction. Ask your customers their thought as you develop new services or upgrades. Altering your offerings can trigger a slew of cancellations, so be on alert when you decide to upgrade.

5. Original point person leaves your customer’s company

Your sales department worked hard to obtain your customer’s business but unfortunately the person they persuaded to sign on the dotted line has left. Make sure your sales representatives update their contacts and head off cancellation at the pass by calling the new point person as soon as possible. Even better, try to build several other contacts within a client’s business.

6. Negative feedback

This seems painfully obvious but for some reason many companies ignore negative feedback. Don’t be one of those companies. Even if the criticism a customer provides to you seems unfair, don’t ignore it. Nip it in the bud immediately and, at the very least, attempt to fix the problem before your customer decides to take their business elsewhere.