Spark: Take Your Business from Struggle to Significance
by David Hilton with Alexander Hilton

In this fast-paced allegorical non-fiction, our hero is about to learn all the lessons of business the hard way so that you do not have to. His story is a combination of a fast-paced novel with compelling, impactful and eminently executable business lessons.

Join Jack’s journey and take your business from struggle to success, where you’ll find more time, more money and, more importantly, more freedom.


The Ultimate Success Secret – Revisited
by Dan S. Kennedy, David Hilton

This one book could change your life!! Is it possible that there is one single super-powerful secret of success of far greater importance than all others? Absolutely! And now you can discover the secret!

The Ultimate Success Secret is a must-read for everyone that wants to experience massive success, and live their life based on their dreams and values. There’s no BS in this book, just real world success strategies!


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