Business Resolutions for the New Year

It’s almost 2018 – which means it’s a whole new year filled with endless possibilities to achieve goals that you set in place. As a business, it’s a great way to reflect, recalculate, and revise as needed. As January begins, a symbolic opportunity to reinvent your business arrives. Often, the general goal is the same: Be more successful than you were the previous year. Below are several ideas for resolutions that will help you find greater success in your business.

1. Place greater importance on business development. Lead generation is crucial to consistently growing success. Set aside time or funding for greater utilization of your business development team. Without you – or your colleagues – attending events, arranging speaking opportunities, and meeting potential customers, your business will remain status quo.

2. Set a financial goal to save toward, then donate the sum to a charity that represents the values your company supports. If your business is doing well financially, it may be time to consider giving back to your community. Find a charity or cause that supports your values and donate a considerable amount on behalf of your business.

3. Increase brand awareness by regularly posting on social media. You may have accounts on social media, but are you updating them frequently and properly? The internet is a marketing resource that can aid in the growth of your business. Ensure that you’re posting on all of your social media platforms every day to stay in the minds of your potential customers.

4. Increase profitability by setting a relevant goal. Has your company reached a point where it’s safe to up your prices? Now is the time to figure it out. If you find you aren’t stable enough to increase any of your pricing, what can you do to reach the point where you can? The smallest steps are still steps toward greater profitability!

Goal setting is an important aspect of running a business. Take advantage of the new year by creating resolutions that are beneficial to your company’s success. Use any of the resolutions above, but also remember to take the time to figure out goals that are personal to your business.


Happy New Year!