Change Your Focus and Stop Worrying About the Competition

Do you find yourself losing sleep at night worrying about what your competition is doing? Or do you take your competition concern to a higher level by dwelling about your rivals during the workday?

If you answer yes to either one of the previous questions, it’s time to change your focus and stop worrying about your competition ­­ even if the opposition in your industry is fierce. Here’s how to transform your anxiety about competition into more constructive undertakings.

Customers come first

Do you agree that your customers are a more important concern than your competition? Then it naturally makes sense that you should make your customers priority number one. When you find your thoughts drifting toward your competition re­focus your efforts back to your customers. Become super specific. Think about ways to improve your customer’s experience. For instance how can you make your customer service response time faster? Or research ways to increase customer feedback. Just get your mind off of the competition.

Focus on your products and services

Stop worrying about what others are doing and concentrate on what you are doing instead. You probably heard something similar to this growing up and like many pieces of advice we received as children this nugget of guidance is spot on. Find new ways to make your products even better. If you offer a service, train your employees to become faster and more productive. When you master your own offerings you won’t have to worry about your competition, they’ll have to worry about you.

Learn instead of concern

Maybe your main rivals are so impressive they are almost impossible to ignore. Well if that’s the case, why not study them? Learn from the best. In other words get rid of the worry and instead opt for transformative learning opportunities. Find out why they are industry leaders and admire their adeptness. Keep in mind, use this as a chance to learn not a new way to worry. Don’t become a worry wart every time you find out that your competition does something beyond impressive.

Focus on your own victories

Your competition just made a major breakthrough and there is a celebratory press release making its rounds to prove it. Every time you read it the butterflies start to flutter and a bad case of the competition blues starts to run rampant. Avoid this unproductive cycle. Close your browser or put down the newspaper and focus on your own victories not your competition’s. Even if you concentrate on a small victory it definitely serves you more than concerning yourself with your rival’s big win.