Does Your Company Need a CRM? 5 Signs it’s Time to Make the CRM Plunge

It’s not a secret that customer contact is vitally important to your business’s success. Furthermore keeping your client’s information and metrics in a convenient, easy to access database is also a wise idea. It also doesn’t hurt to have your sales team pulling in the same direction at all times.

So how can you improve your customer contact, keep all of their information neatly organized right at your fingertips and easily bring up important metrics all the while keeping your sales team on the same page? You can utilize a time­saving, efficiency­increasing customer service management system – or a CRM.

Is it time for you to leverage the power of a CRM? Here are 5 signs it’s time to venture into the world of CRM solutions.

1. Your customer information is not centralized

If your customer’s information is here and there and in some cases apparently nowhere it may be time to consider a CRM. A CRM will enable you to keep your client’s details in one location that can be accessed by anyone on your sales team from anywhere an internet connection is available.

2. You have many sales leads

Great news you have so many sales leads you barely can keep up with them. The bad news you have so many sales leads you can barely keep up with them. If you are buried in sales leads a CRM will give you the ability to keep them organized and contacted. A lead that sits on your desk on a piece of paper really can’t be considered a lead.

3. You lack a viable backup plan for your client’s details

Do you keep all of your customer’s information on a hard drive? If that’s the case you are one crash away from losing it all. With a CRM all of your client’s details are safely stored in the cloud. Not only backed up and secure but also easily accessible.

4. Sales team communication is non­existent

Excellent communication is a key to success for any good sales team. Does your team share information? Can they access customer details on the fly? If you answered no to those two previous questions look into a CRM. Quite simply a CRM will give your sales team the ability to share client details with each other and you.

5. You have a difficult time generating reports

You would love to know which clients are buying a specific product. Additionally, knowing which sales representative sold the most widgets in July to a particular client might be helpful information as well. A CRM is a report generating powerhouse and better yet to see these vital metrics you barely have to lift a finger. The CRM does the work for you. If you lack the know-how or resources to collate these statistics consider taking the CRM plunge.

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