Focus on the Purpose Behind Your Actions

Let’s talk about motivation for a moment.  If you have kids, or if you spend much time around them, you have probably observed the phenomenon that I am about to share.

When a parent instructs a young child to clean up their room, the child often takes far more time than necessary.  A ten minute job is regularly stretched into an hour or more.

However, if you tell that same child that he or she can have an ice cream cone when the job is done, it gets done in record time.  What accounts for this?  The child is now motivated… he has a reason to work hard!

As a business owner, if you focus only on the short-term future, it is easy to lose your sense of motivation.  The drudgery of daily work piles up, and the only prize awaiting you once you are done… is another stack of work the next day.  That is why it is important, in order to stay motivated and productive, that you focus on the true purpose behind your actions.

What is your true purpose?  That is a question you must answer.  Why did you go into business for yourself?  For most of my clients, the answer involves freedom.  They desire financial freedom, independence, and the time to pursue the activities that are important.  Freedom is the reason they went into business, and freedom provides a powerful motivation to keep working hard on a daily basis.  But as soon as any of us take our eyes of the prize and instead focus on the short-term battles, we are prone to becoming discouraged and apathetic.

In order to stay enthusiastic and driven while managing your business, it is essential that you remember when you started the business in the first place. You need to find a way to remind yourself of your ultimate goals on a regular basis. Put a note on your desk, hang a symbolic picture on your wall, whatever it takes.

Your business is your vehicle for achieving freedom and the financial resources you need to achieve your desired lifestyle.  Never forget that, and you will never have any problem staying motivated.

How do you stay motivated and focused on the big picture even as work piles up around you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!