Gamification for Small Business

If you have been caught up in the wearable fitness revolution (think Fitbit) or have a rewards card with your local grocery store or coffee shop then you are already quite familiar with gamification – utilizing elements of game playing in business applications.

Gamification isn’t just for the big boys. You can apply this incredible motivational tool to your small business operations and see great results. You’ll maximize your employees’ output and give your customers a little nudge to make additional purchases to stay ahead of the competition.

  1.  Customer loyalty programs

The work has already been done for you by industry leaders like Starbucks and Samsung – and as previously mentioned scores of grocery chains. Create a program that rewards customer loyalty. Your customers will love watching their rewards points grow towards free merchandise, and you’ll enjoy the extra money flowing into your bank account.

2.  Gamify your sales efforts

Sales is naturally an extremely competitive profession, so instituting a gamification inspired program just makes sense. Pit your salespeople against each other in a fun contest earning badges until the top performer takes home a prize. It can be anything from a dinner at a new local hotspot to a shiny new iPad. If you need help there are apps available to keep track of results many of which plug seamlessly into software solutions like Salesforce.

3. Give your marketing a boost

This involves more of a team effort but in the same vein as the sales example above, give your marketing team incentive to push your company’s measurables like ROI to new heights. Once again make a game out of it by rewarding team members for hitting pre-determined benchmarks. You’ll watch your profits increase as your marketing expenses are reigned in. Meanwhile your marketing department will be having a good time competing for prizes.

4. Save money on group health insurance by promoting fitness

Health management platforms like Keas ( helps incentivize employees to make healthier choices thereby reducing healthcare costs and sick days. Additionally, you can have employees purchase fitness trackers and have contests to see who can reach the most steps each day, week or month. Unhealthy employees will hurt your bottom line so motivating your workers to stay fit not only lengthens their lives it will also pad your pocketbook.