Get Noticed On LinkedIn with These 6 Easy Tips

Unless you have been hiding under a rock over the past decade, you are quite aware that social media is here to stay. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, the Internet provides ample opportunity to meet and stay in contact with just about anyone.

The more formal version of these social media platforms is of course LinkedIn, the place professionals can share ideas, find jobs, show off their expertise and network 24/7/365. No matter if you are a newbie or a LinkedIn veteran, the following 6 tips will get you noticed on this online networking powerhouse.

1. Include a recent, professional photo

You may love that picture of yourself by the lake after college graduation but that was 15 years ago and really it lacks a certain something – professional appeal. When crafting your LinkedIn profile, use a current photo of yourself and keep in mind this is a professional social media venue so obviously think professional when choosing your image.

2. Keep your profile up­to­date

Your profile gives you the chance to sell yourself to potential clients, hiring firms or even a mentor. Don’t drop the ball keep your information up­to­date with your current position and a complete list of your skills.

3. Create a killer headline

Think of your headline as a mini­elevator pitch. You only have 120 characters, so make the most of your limited space. Remember LinkedIn is a place for professionals, forgo being overly creative (especially cheesy) in your headline. Keep your headline professional and if you aren’t in the mood to craft a headline, your job title is fine.

4. Link to people you know

As soon as you meet someone in a professional setting, attempt to connect with them on LinkedIn when you get the chance. Never pass on an opportunity to build your connections.

5. Update your status frequently

Out of sight out of mind. Don’t disappear on LinkedIn make sure you update your status on a regular basis. Everything you share on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be boring and vanilla. You can have a little fun with your updates with interesting facts or funny anecdotes. But please mix in pertinent professional tidbits regularly as well.

6. Write recommendations

Have you been impressed with someone recently? Are they a connection on LinkedIn? Then consider writing a short recommendation that will appear on their profile. In most cases, the effort will be reciprocated. Nothing impresses others quite like a well­written recommendation.