Keeping Your Employees, and Yourself, Motivated

Some days you wake up and feel almost unstoppable, as if no hurdle is too high and no goal too lofty. You feel like Superman. On those days finding ways to motivate yourself and others isn’t difficult, in fact it’s not even necessary because it just comes naturally.

Unfortunately most days may not start off this way. Instead of believing you can leap tall buildings in a single bound, you feel stuck in quicksand. During those more demanding times you will need to find that little extra something to get you and your employees through the day.

  •         Set goals

Set attainable goals that you and your employees can work toward on a daily basis. Come up with two or three short term goals that have a set concrete deadline. As soon as one group of goals is complete, create a whole new list. Keep it fresh by frequently changing goals.

  •         Create a positive atmosphere

Even if you start your day feeling like a superhero, a negative work environment can be like a boulder-sized chunk of kryptonite to your motivation. Keep negativity to a minimum. That includes small talk. Try to foster a positive atmosphere that your employees actually look forward to joining each and every day. Celebrate as you reach those small goals.

  •         Gratitude is the right attitude

Regularly thank your employees for their loyalty and hard work. Create a work environment that rewards positivity and achievement. Take time to recognize an employee that has gone above and beyond their daily duties to help grow your business. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in keeping employees motivated.

  •         Business can be fun

You don’t have to make your workplace a circus, but finding ways to make mundane tasks a bit more exciting can inspire. Take inventory of your daily tasks and discover new ways to complete them. Meet with your employees and brainstorm inventive methods to make your workplace a bit more fun.

The above suggestions won’t make your business perfect but continually striving to create a positive workplace that has employees determined to complete clear attainable goals and a reward system that shows appreciation will keep you and your personnel motivated.