Leaving Your Company in Good Hands: Traits of Great Managers

Even if you have the ability to do it all, that’s not a recipe for long-term success. Finding the right people to run your company while you are busy with other details is paramount for growing your operation.

But locating the right talent to captain your enterprise can be a difficult task and one that is vitally important.

Don’t fret though because if you use a precise blueprint in finding great managers, you’ll practically put your company on success autopilot. Here are 5 traits all adept company leaders possess; use this list when hiring your management team and prepare to be impressed.

 1.   Managers need excellent communication skills

A great manager doesn’t possess good communication skills they are blessed with excellent communication skills. Even if a candidate fits the bill perfectly in all other categories, do not ignore this trait. A great manager knows when to talk and more importantly when to listen. Additionally, after hearing concerns or feedback, a skilled manager will act accordingly. Think back to the leaders you looked up to in the past, it’s almost guaranteed they were great communicators.

2.    Positive attitude

If a candidate seems to have a rain cloud following them around everywhere they go, don’t even consider them for a management position. Only place positive people in leadership positions because quite frankly negativity can spread like a bad disease. When interviewing a candidate really pay attention to the way they answer questions, do they trend toward being upbeat or a major downer?

3.    A belief in transparency

Honesty is not only the best policy, it’s the only policy. A potential manager that oozes distrust needs to be shown the door immediately. Don’t even waste your time. A management candidate should highlight their belief in transparency from the start. That means transparency when it comes to dealing with his superiors – namely you – and with his workers.

4.    Creative thinking

Sometimes solving problems takes a little creative thinking. Managers who reach levels of excellence find new ways to deal with old problems. When you look for management candidates, scour their backgrounds for examples of creative problem solving and follow that up with questions regarding those examples.

  1.     No job is beneath him

A great manager not only knows his job but he also understands the responsibilities of all who work underneath him. Taking that point further, he also knows how to, at minimum, competently complete all tasks. A leader who can’t roll up his sleeves and get the job done with fellow teammates is not a good leader. Ask candidates to provide examples of when they had to help co-workers, especially in instances in which the job was seemingly, for lack of better words, beneath them.