Make Your Sales Presentation Memorable with a Winning Conclusion

Have you attended a presentation that started with a bang and ended with a whimper? When the lights began to dim and you walked away from this performance what did you recall with the most detail? Unfortunately for the speaker, most likely the sputtering conclusion burned a permanent place in your memory. So before you find your quiet spot and begin crafting an applause­worthy sales presentation please remember that the ending is just as important, if not more important, than the opening. Here’s how you can make your presentation memorable – in a good way – with a winning conclusion.

Don’t get caught unprepared

Really put time into your conclusion, practice it, tweak it, practice it again and when you think you have it down practice it yet again. Avoid being unprepared, for your closing so you can elude cringe­worthy situations like the infamous “Well umm errr I think I am out of time, thanks for listening.” That is definitely memorable but not for the right reasons.

Use video

People love videos so why not harness the power of moving pictures to end your presentation with panache? Make sure the video, or image if video is not your thing, ties into the rest of your presentation. Choose a powerful video or image and your presentation unquestionably be a winner.

Story time is not just for children

Utilize a story and you can create an intro and conclusion with ease. Refer back to your story at the end of your presentation to close with a positive impact. When choosing a story, stay with a theme and consider your audience. Staying away from controversial or risqué topics is always good idea.

A memorable quote

Tried and true and always effective, closing with an impactful quote is a classic that rarely goes awry. The key here is to make it memorable. Using a quote that has been heard thousands of times will not have the same effect as a more unique quote. Consider scouring the Internet, books, or even ask friends or family for a quote that hasn’t been employed by just about every presenter on earth.

Call to action

You are trying to close a sale so concluding your presentation with a call to action logically makes sense. Offer a solution to a problem that is causing your clients daily headaches. For instance, if you are offering a product that will make manufacturing efforts 20% more efficient, close with a call to action that utilizes this persuasive fact.

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