Video: 4 Steps To Increase Your Facebook Edgerank

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Not all of your Facebook followers will see your posts. In fact, less than 16% of your fans see your posts. Why? Because Facebook has created an algorithm called Edgerank.

The Edgerank formula includes 3 vital components which consists of the following:

First- Affinity measures the relationship between the viewer and the creator of the content. The closer the relationship between the two, the higher the score.

Example: Let’s say Sarah has placed within her personal profile interests in photography, camping, and Disney. If you post a photograph of you standing in front of the Grand Canyon wearing Mickey Mouse ears, Facebook will see that Sarah could have a possible interest in that post. Thus making it viewable on her newsfeed. Also, visibility increases if Sarah is a current follower of your business page.

Weight . Videos, Photographs and links all carry different weight and value; the heavier the weight, the higher the score.

Time Decay. The older a post becomes, the less valuable it is.  There is a direct correlation between the length of time a post spends online and the amount of views it gets. Views decrease over time.

How do you increase your visibility? Score higher! Create content that Facebook will see most valuable.

1. Use Pictures and Video

Pictures and videos have a way of capturing attention. Use photos with powerful captions. This combo will draw in viewers to read, engage, and participate. Create a call to action, either tell your viewers to like, share or comment on your posts.

Remember that comments are ranked higher than likes when focused on the “weight” variable with Edgerank.

2. Use Links

Linking to credible or relevant sources will increase the chance of users clicking on your link. Connect to valuable sources such as your website, blog and your other social media platforms. Using these links will increase the activity within your Facebook posts, giving you a higher Edgerank score

 3. Mix Things Up and Add Value

If you’ve found an award winning formula that produces large results, don’t use that formula over and over again. Users will become board with your content and will stop engaging with you. Be creative and make content that is of value to them.

4. Post During Peak Hours

What is the best time to post on your Facebook page? Truthfully, there is not a generic time that fits the needs of all businesses. This is where the work comes in, put on your lab coat and start experimenting.

Study the lifestyle of your clients. Study their activity on Facebook. Do they access their account in the morning or evening? Look for patterns and consistency to give you hints when to post your content.

Use these four steps as your foundation to discover your personal Edgerank formula. Once you master this, you are well on your way to