Video: 4 Ways To Grow Your Mailing List

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Email lists are what your business should live for! These lists are personal communities owned by you and should be treated like gold. These prime leads are often converted into your largest sales.

This form of communication is highly affective for long-term commitment and interaction between you and your customer. Produce content that is of value to your followers and in exchange you’ll receive their loyalty.

Ignore what others might be saying; email is a crucial element to your business. Yes there are businesses that use spam and annoying sales pitches to seek attention, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Here are 4 ways to grow your mailing list.

4 Ways to grow your E-mail List

  1. Use social media platforms to promote offers that require an email address submission. Create landing pages where you can ask for personal information, in return for something of value to the customer. Provide offers and encourage visitors to sign up.
  2. Promote an online contest or free giveaway. Have participants sign up or submit with their email address. Promote these contests with your social media sights while linking them to landing pages found on your website.
  3. Collect email addresses at offline events. Offer to contribute at non-profit organizations, tradeshows and community outings. During these events request for information from participants to give further benefits and discounts. When sending your first email to this group, provide a detailed description of how they became apart of your mailing list.
  4.  Your followers don’t want to be part of a generic email list. Give them options to choose from in order to make it more personable. For instance, if you own an art gallery, give your customers the option to subscribe to specific artists they are interested in. Its better have a handful of lists that are tailored for specific customers and their needs, than to have one generic letter that paints with a broad brush.

Email marketing is one of the dominating factors when it comes to boosting your business to a higher level. Remember, genuine content directed to the reader gives a spark of realism and a personal touch. Email marketing is effective in turning perspective customers into lifetime clients.