5 Signs It’s Time To Part Ways With A Client

Do you have a client that provides you with plenty of business but quite frankly sometimes they are so difficult to deal with you question if they are really worth the trouble? If a particular client is costing you sleep at night and efforts to support them surpass the income they generate it might be time to part ways.

So how do you determine if firing a client is the right thing to do? Take a look at the following five signs that are practically screaming that it’s time to move on.

1. They aren’t paying

This seems pretty evident but even when a client isn’t forking over money it can be difficult to kick them to the curb. There is always that hope they will eventually pay up. But if they are falling desperately behind on their invoices you need to terminate your relationship before it snowballs.

2. There is a lack of trust

Does your client lie to you? Or maybe they have admitted to you that they have been dishonest in other business dealings. If you can’t trust your client your relationship will never grow. Dishonestly is a dead end street in business – and in life overall – if you can’t trust your client they need to become an ex-client immediately.

3. You don’t enjoy the work

If you aren’t enjoying the work you are doing for your client this could be a sign that it’s time to part ways. Keep in mind the work you do for your client doesn’t have to be akin to a New Year’s Eve bash but you should at least glean some enjoyment from your efforts. If you otherwise like your client try to set them up with a replacement service even if that entails referring them to a competitor.

4. They over-consume your time

Most likely you have a client that takes up far more time than your other customers. If they are worth the extra investment then great, if they aren’t consider making a change. A client that eats up more time than they are worth will take valuable time from your other customers and in the end that may cost you future business.

5. Your client is an unstoppable force of negativity

Do you have a client that you absolutely dread dealing with because they are irrefutably negative and rude? Don’t put up with it. Negativity tends to breed even more negativity. If a client is nasty to you it’s time to give them the boot.