5 Ways to Boost Teamwork in Your Workplace

Even if your company is small, possibly only you and a partner, teamwork is the foundation of long­term success. So ask yourself this question: Do I support an environment that fosters teamwork?

Consider the three following statements when assessing your organization’s teamwork health level.

Do you have employees acting independently when you have instructed them to work with others? Do you have a common goal that is being ignored for personal gain? And when an issue arises, do employees ask for assistance or do they tackle a problem on their own even if they risk doing harm to your bottom line?

Did you answer yes to any of the three aforementioned scenarios?

If you did, utilize these 5 tips to increase teamwork and boost your company’s success.

1. Clarify roles within the team

Per usual communication is king. Make sure you clearly communicate to your employees or partners your expectations. Make their roles well­defined and outline their responsibilities within the team. Once they know what is expected of them hold them accountable.

2. Know your team

How can you define individual roles within a team if you don’t know the members of the team? Well you can’t. Become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each individual team member. Familiarity will enable you to choose the correct roles which leads to happy employees and satisfied workers tend to stray from the team environment less than ones who conversely are dissatisfied.

3. Leave no team members behind

Keep everyone in the loop of the decision making process, absolutely everyone. If an employee feels left out this individual will be more likely to break free from the team. This once again points back to the importance of open channels of communication. When you share important information with your team they will be more inclined to do the same with you.

4. Cross training

Provide your employees with the opportunity to learn their co­workers jobs. This will enable your employees to understand your organization from different points of view. Additionally it will further the teamwork environment by giving workers a much­needed backup in case they need to call of work or take a vacation. Nothing builds trust like having someone step up when help is needed.

5. Provide consistent feedback

Whether it’s constructive criticism or a well­deserved pat on the back, offer continual feedback. But keep this in mind, when building a healthy team environment really learn to focus on the positive rather than the negative. A team that celebrates success together will more likely stay together.