6 Major Factors in Email Marketing Etiquette

Before you begin crafting and eventually sending out the perfect email campaign, mastering the finer points of email marketing etiquette is an absolute must, in fact in some cases it’s a question of legality.

So prior to experiencing skyrocketing sales and unbelievable ROI numbers, study the following 6 points on email marketing etiquette.

  1. Always get permission

It can enticing to collate hundreds if not thousands of emails and start blasting all of them with your blue-ribbon winning marketing efforts. Unfortunately there’s a major issue with this strategy: it’s not legal, it’s SPAM. Don’t tempt fate, instead always obtain permission prior to sending out email marketing material

2. Build your own list

This may be less etiquette and more on the side of practice, but you’ll experience higher levels of success if you build your own list. Quite simply, avoid buying lists and instead collect your own. Potential clients who specifically opt into your email list actually want correspondence from you which equates to a much better chance they will become paying customers. It’s harder work but the extra effort will pay off in the long run.

3. Provide an easy way to unsubscribe

Yes we are venturing back into the realm of law. CAN-SPAM laws state that every single email subscription provides the means to unsubscribe. Furthermore don’t fear the unsubscribe button, to the contrary learn to embrace it. If someone no longer wants your email marketing information, chances are they aren’t interested in your product or service anyway. Why waste time on recipients who aren’t going to become your clients?

4. Pump the brakes and avoid sending out too many emails

You have worked hard to collect a list of email contacts and are chomping at the bit to convert as many people as you can into paying customers. Well just don’t overdo it. In other words don’t spam your list. If you are sending out emails every day that is may be too much. How many emails should you send? You’ll have to determine that yourself as it varies from industry to industry, the key is will your reader view the content as relevant to them? If so, they’ll probably consume it gratefully. If not, they will be likely to consider opting-out of your email subscription.

5. Watch your grammar and spelling

This one is pretty self-explanatory as it’s vital to try your best to avoid grammar and spelling errors. Put yourself in the place of your email recipients. Would you be impressed if you received an email riddled with errors?  When in doubt, check one of the online dictionaries. For instance, do you know when to use which word, examples: I/me, affect/effect, complement/compliment, further/farther.

6. Reply in a timely manner

When a recipient responds to one of your email marketing campaigns, make sure you reply to them as quickly as possible, certainly within 24 hours. Show them that an actual human being is monitoring your operations. And obviously be professional and polite even if they are responding in a terse manner.