Stories Aren’t Just For Kids: How Storytelling Can Grow Your Business

There are a number of characteristics that are associated with successful entrepreneurs and business owners. “Visionary” … “go-getter” … “risk taker” … and the list goes on.

Here’s a characteristic that I’m betting most people don’t associate with business success: storyteller. I can already hear your objections. Stories are what we tell our kids at night, and they’re why we watch TV shows after dinner. They have nothing to do with business… or do they?

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Sales Secrets: Are You Following Up?

The sales process can be complicated. Yet, I’m always amazed by how many business owners screw up the simple things – like following up on sales leads. Many leads are thrown to the wayside by business owners who think that a prospect, who isn’t ready to commit immediately, is no longer worth pursuing.

Yes, a percentage of your leads will be ready to shake hands and pull out their checkbook immediately. And a percentage of them will come to the conclusion that your products or services are not a good fit.

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