Culture Matters Part Three: How to Hire Employees That Fit Your Company Culture

In this series, we’re focused on how to create and implement an effective company culture. Our last article covered how to begin putting your culture into place – making it a reality in your business. 

One of the key points in this process is to hire for culture. Part of your hiring process needs to be focused on cultural fit. Below are several ways to make this happen.

1) Identify the top values or characteristics that you’re hiring for. You should have gone through this process while reading the first article in this series – but in case you haven’t, now is the time. What are the top values that you want to define your company culture? High energy? Positivity? Independence? Adherence to processes and procedures? 

2) Include cultural information in your job posting. When you post your job – whether you’re using Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip Recruitier, or whatever else – it’s important that you describe the culture in your workplace. Make it clear what type of people you’re looking for, and what type of person you’re NOT looking for. This allows applicants to weed themselves out of your hiring funnel. 

3) Talk about cultural fit during your interview process. A portion of your actual interview should address culture. But you have to be smart about it – if you simply tell your applicants about the culture you’re building and ask them if they’re going to be a good fit, of course they’re going to say yes, because they want the job offer! Be more subtle. Describe a scenario for them and ask them how they’d respond. Don’t “steer” them towards the right answer! 

4) Get your team involved – ask them to assess cultural fit of finalists in your interview process. In many cases, your employees are best able to assess cultural fit. They have a better sense than you do of what it’s like to work day-to-day in your business. And, the applicants will often be more relaxed and transparent when they’re talking to potential co-workers instead of a potential boss. Ask some – or all – of your employees to participate in a portion of the interview process. 

Hiring for cultural fit is important. These tips will help you focus your hiring process on company culture.

But… what if you make a mistake? That’s the topic of our next article in this series, so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your best tips for hiring employees that fit your company culture. Share your thoughts on our post!