Customer Service – The Way the Customer Wants It

It’s common knowledge that customer service is paramount for business success but how can you determine the best way to engage your customers? Instead of viewing your customers from your side of the transaction, place yourself in their shoes. This will allow you to consider what your patrons need and furthermore what your loyal clients want.

1. Determine your clients expectations
It seems like a simple enough idea but understanding your customer’s wants and needs is vital. Make sure you fully comprehend what your customers are expecting because falling short of expectations can cost future business.

2. Interact with your customers
Avoid talking at your customers and opt for a more interactive approach. Listen to their concerns and quickly move toward a solution. Customers want to feel as if they are involved in the process.

3. Guarantee your work
When a customer enters into a business relationship nothing makes them feel safer than a money-back guarantee. Instill confidence from the point of purchase by offering a full money-back guarantee on all of your services or products.

4. Offer your customers multiple ways to contact you
The best ability is availability. Offer your customers numerous ways to interact with you. That includes phone, email and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But keep in mind, you need to responsive. All of the technology in the world cannot replace the human touch.

One of the keys to a successful business is award-winning level customer service. Be proactive and devise a plan that will keep your customers in the loop and you in the black.