Don’t Let Them Make You Miserable Any Longer: Solve Those “Pesky Problems”

We all deal with them—irritating but minor inconveniences which bug us just about every day. For some it is a printer that seems to spend more time experiencing a paper jam than it does actually printing. For others it is a computer that takes twenty minutes to boot up every morning. And for many business owners, it’s a disorganized filing system that makes it very difficult to find anything that’s more than a couple of months old. 

What’s your personal “pesky problem?” Or maybe you have several!

Most of us view these inconveniences as simply “par for the course.” You say things like “Oh, that printer has always done that” or “It’s irritating, but you get used to it.”

Usually, there is no real damage done. These issues might prompt some colorful language throughout the day, but they aren’t going to prevent a job from being completed or a new customer from being landed. 

No harm, no foul, right?

Actually, I’d beg to differ with that assessment. And I would like to issue a challenge to each of you: create a list of these minor irritants and begin to fix them, one at a time. Dedicate a weekend to reorganizing your filing system. Fix that cabinet door that comes unhinged every time. Get a technician to fix your printer—or simply purchase a new one. 

You might be surprised at the difference this makes in your day-to-day operations. You’ll find that those “minor” inconveniences caused hours of frustration each week—and now that you don’t have to deal with them, you’ll be able to spend your time more productively. Your team will appreciate that you resolved their frustrations, but even more importantly they’ll pick up on the message that you don’t compromise your quality standards, no matter how minor the issue may be. 

 So right now, resolve that you’re not going to put up with “minor” inconveniences. You wouldn’t ship an order to a customer that didn’t meet your high standards for quality—and you shouldn’t put up with such issues around your office, either. What are some of the pesky problems you face on a regular basis? And why haven’t you solved them yet? Normally I’d ask you to leave a comment, but don’t do that in this case. Instead, get off the computer, fix that pesky problem, and THEN leave a comment telling us all how it went. Get busy!