Four Tips for More Effective Hiring Interviews

Hiring is one of the most important responsibilities that you have as the leader in your organization. Your business is built around your people – it’s your people who serve your customers, live out your company culture, and keep your business moving forward on a daily basis. 

So it’s really important that you have the right people in your business! So today, I’m going to share four tips to help you interview and hire more effectively.

1. Be Clear on Who and What You’re Looking for Before the Interview Starts – and Stick to It. You should define the specific attributes, characteristics, skills, and abilities that you’re looking for well before the interview starts. Hopefully, you’ve thought this through carefully before posting your job. It’s important that you stick to this list – because it’s very easy to be impressed with an applicant during the interview process. They may be smart, friendly, charming, and pleasant to talk to – but if they don’t check the right boxes, you shouldn’t hire them. 

2. Break Down Barriers and Help the Interviewee Relax. It can be very hard to get a true sense of your applicant’s personality during an interview, because it’s such a pressure-filled, abnormal interaction. The more you can get them to relax and let their true personality shine through, the more accurately you can assess the candidate. 

3. Look for Cultural Fit. Many business owners make the mistake of hiring only for ability and/or experience. But it’s important to hire employees that fit the company culture you are working to build. Their personality, their attitude, their communication skills – these are all important characteristics to think-through. A single “bad fit” can ruin the team dynamic you’ve worked so hard to build. 

4. Don’t Ask Questions with an “Obvious” Answer. If you want to get a real insight into your candidate, you can’t ask them easy questions. Every job applicant is ready for softball questions and clichés – prepare questions that really make them think.

Hiring your next employee is a big deal. These four interview tips will help you make a solid addition to your business.

I’d love to hear your favorite interview tips and strategies. Leave a comment on our post!