Good Vibes Only: How to Create a Positive & Engaged Office Environment

Nobody likes negativity. We all know those people – people who seem to have a problem for every solution, people who have to point out every negative in a situation, people who will complain to anyone within earshot. Funny how every single bad thing in their life is somebody else’s fault – never their own! 

Now, I assume you know people like that. And you probably avoid them whenever possible. 

But… what if those people are part of your workforce? Negativity is toxic, and it’s contagious. If you let complainers, whiners, and excuse-makers fester in your business, it will spread. I guarantee it. 

So today, here are three steps to keeping your office culture positive and upbeat. 

1. Don’t hire negative people. Some of the time, you will be able to sniff these people out during the hiring process. Contact their references and specifically ask about their attitude. Don’t let negative people into your business if you can avoid it!

2. Teach employees how to troubleshoot and problem-solve for themselves. Helplessness breeds negativity. If someone feels that they don’t have any control over a bad situation, all they’re going to do is complain about it. You and your management team should focus on empowering your employees and teaching them how to think critically. That way, when a problem comes along, they have the ability to solve it – instead of complaining about it. 

3. Create a zero-tolerance policy for excuse-making. Teach your team that they have the responsibility and the ability to get the job done right, even when it’s hard. And don’t tolerate excuses. This can be a hard habit to break, but when you work with your team to help them identify solutions to the problems they’re facing, they’ll gradually stop making excuses and start taking action. 

4. Fire anyone who doesn’t get it. Some people are so habitually negative that they can’t help themselves. It might have been their upbringing, it might be the influences they have in their life currently – but whatever the case, if they’re unable and unwilling to be a positive force in your business, you have to let them go. 

Negativity is a toxic force in your business. As the leader of your team, it’s up to you to create an environment that doesn’t encourage – or even tolerate – negativity. 

What are your best tips for keeping your employees positive and engaged? Leave a comment on our post – I’d like to hear from you!