How to be Memorable in Life and Business

With so many different life stories and faces, it can seem daunting set yourself apart from others – especially as a business owner or industry leader. It is, however, much easier than you think! Here are four easy tips to make you a more memorable person. 

Write thank you notes or e-mails.

A thank you goes a long way and acknowledges that you don’t take favors for granted. Everyone lives a “busy” life, but you’ll still encounter those who cater to your needs by wishing you a happy birthday or sending you a congratulatory gift. Making sure to thank those who made time for you can make all the difference in leaving a lasting impression. This doesn’t just apply to your professional life, but can also be implemented in your personal life as well! Words carry weight and even a simple thank you can make a huge impact.

Let your passions show.

Memorable people often are memorable for their passions! Don’t be afraid to let your passions spill out before you because it gives you dimension. People are often intrigued by those who work hard for the things they are striving for and their actions speak for themselves. 

Embrace your unique traits.

With all the expectations and demands from life, we often feel the need to just go with the flow and blend in. Though that may seem easier, it won’t leave a mark of the person you truly are. People tend to remember those who are unique because they have more depth within their personalities. Being a cookie cutter person doesn’t add much more to your personality other than being of the norm. Showing a bit of your colors can bring you closer to leaving your mark.

Show that you deliver.

Making sure that you strive for excellence is a needed tool to make sure you leave an impressionable mark on whatever you choose to do. Accomplishing your best allows those around you to view you as dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. If you consistently perform on an outstanding level, people will remember your dedication and work ethic. 

Be personable.

People like to be comfortable around their peers and being personable helps you connect or maintain good relationships. A simple gesture of kindness or even listening to someone can impact your stance with that person. A little goes a long way in terms of being personable and will certainly help you remain memorable.