“I Can’t do It”

True or false: you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The answer, of course, is false. But let me share with you an incredibly relevant truth: If you believe that you can accomplish your goals, you are much more likely to find success. Negativity and a lack of self-confidence tend to become a self-fulfilling prophecy—meaning that simply by failing to believe in yourself, you reduce your chances of success.

What are the limits of your potential? How successful can your business be? How much money can you make? How soon can you enjoy the lifestyle you desire?

There are two ways to answer those questions. The first is to determine your true “ceiling.” And the second is to determine the ceiling you place on yourself. The sad reality is that many business owners choose to limit their own success by refusing to believe in themselves. Rather than reaching their true potential, rather than creating a multi-million dollar business empire; they decide that such success is not for them, and choose to settle for less. There is a minority of business owners who refuse to place artificial limits on their potential. They are governed only by their true potential. And these are the business owners who find true success.

How would you feel if a business partner, friend, or family member pulled you aside and told you that you could not grow your business past a certain figure—say $500K in yearly revenue? You would be outraged, right? Or you’d simply laugh and forget about the conversation. But guess what: every single time you say “I can’t do it” in response to a new challenge, you are placing an arbitrary limit on yourself. You would never stand for someone else to impose such a limit, so why should you do it to yourself?

Study after study has demonstrated the power of belief and positive thinking. Sure, you will not succeed in every single venture. But if you approach everything you do with the belief that you will be successful, you are going to be far more successful than an equally talented individual who responds to every challenge by saying “I can’t do it.” Banish that phrase from your vocabulary, starting right now!