Is Growth a Priority?

You want your business to grow. Every business owner does. But wanting to grow isn’t enough—you need to prioritize growth. Below are some suggestions to help make growth happen:

1. Put it in your schedule. Advertising and marketing need to be part of your long-term plan — and they need to be part of your weekly routine. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be designing ads and publishing email newsletters – it means you need to be doing SOMETHING to grow your business. That can include networking, following up with previous clients to see if they could use your services again, or calling up other businesses to explore partnership possibilities. As a general rule, marketing should constitute at least 20% of a business owners weekly time.

2. Market first. Chances are you didn’t start your own business to be a marketer—and if you’re like many business owners, you may not even particularly enjoy it. Unfortunately, that fact leads many businesses to neglect marketing and the growth opportunities that come with it. Get your marketing done and out of the way first thing in the morning or early in the week. Some of my most successful clients make marketing the first two hours of each business day.

3. Hire growth-oriented employees. Don’t make your job impossible. You can’t expect to make growth happen by yourself. Hire employees that will help you get this job done—whether that means hiring a marketing and business development coordinator or hiring an employee to take over many of your duties so that YOU can focus on growth. Particularly if you have a small number of employees, make sure that each of them understands every aspect of your operation. This will provide flexibility for you as your company grows—and it prepares your current employees to be trainers and supervisors as your workforce grows.

Growth isn’t just a phrase, or just a numbers game, it requires daily and weekly action!