Is Your Marketing Boring?

We live in an entertainment-driven world. Just think about how many millions of views the latest funny cat video is racking up on Facebook and YouTube right now. 

Entertainment is easier to access than ever, and there are more options to choose from. 

This presents a problem for business owners who are competing for the attention of their customers, clients, and prospective customers. We can’t afford to be boring. In order to attract and maintain attention, we have to keep our audience engaged. And in a world where the next viral video is only two quick smartphone “swipes” away, we cannot afford to be boring.

And yet – a whole lot of the marketing that businesses are putting out is boring. What about yours? 

Here are four tips to make your marketing less boring and more engaging to your target audience:

Use engaging media. The overwhelming percentage of internet users prefer to watch video or look at pictures rather than read text. Your marketing should be visually interesting. Use video when possible. Create infographics, charts, and diagrams. Stay away from big blocks of text, particularly on social media. Provide information in a format that your target audience is likely to digest. 

Be clear about the problem you solve. If you can speak directly to your audience and tell them about your solution to a problem that plagues them, you’ll earn their attention. Don’t let your marketing be vague. If you’re a CPA, don’t tell people that you’ll “help them with their accounting.” Tell them that you’ll help them keep more of their hard-earned cash in their pocket instead of giving it to the IRS. Be specific about the problem you’re going to help them solve!

Paint a picture of success. What is the transformation that you create for your customers? Do you help them lose weight, make more money in their business, look better, feel better, create more security for their family? Whatever that transformation is – that’s what you should talk about. Don’t focus on the “process” to get there – for most people, that’s boring. Instead paint a picture of success and help them visualize how much better their life is going to become when they do business with you. That’s exciting!

Let your personality show in your marketing. People are attracted to authenticity and they like to connect with a real person. So don’t be afraid to work your personality into your marketing – tell stories, talk about your background, share your hobbies and passions. Be interesting! 

The worst thing you can do with your marketing is bore your audience. Find ways to make your marketing engaging, entertaining, and valuable to your target customers and you’ll be much more successful. 

How do you engage your audience with your marketing? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment on our post!