Meet David

Meet David Hilton

David doesn’t just talk, he makes a difference! He will help you see your business from a whole new perspective and provide you with the tools to make your business potentially the most valuable asset you’ll ever own.

David is president of Strategic Vision Business Development Corp.

David works with firms in a variety of industries (including computer software, technical training, photography, sports academies, building materials, business marketing, and medical professions). He has experience guiding owners sell their companies at full asking price and has helped several family businesses to successfully transition ownership to the next generation.

David's Story

For more than 10 years David was a Senior E-Myth Coach (Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited); he has taught Dale Carnegie’s Management Program and was an Independent Business Advisor with Glazer-Kennedy’s Insider’s Circle.

David also practices what he preaches, as president of a profitable manufacturing /sales / retail company which he recently successfully sold. In that role he grew and managed multiple locations and recruited, hired and trained over 500 people. He has developed this company to thrive without his day to day involvement.

David holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from SMC University, a BS degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Masters degree in Education from Worcester State College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Boston College.

David is known for his ability to simplify complicated business issues. He speaks in “plain talk” that makes sense. He has “been there and done that” allowing him to speak from experience to solve challenges. You’ll get new insights to apply to your business. You’ll also enjoy the journey.

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