Systematizing Your Business to Give You More Freedom

Eighty hour work weeks with very little time to do anything but sleep. Finding it nearly impossible to run even the most insignificant errands. And your family can barely remember your name. Sound familiar? It has always been believed that operating your own business means long hours of working and scant time for a personal life. But this doesn’t have to be the case when you finally break the chains that have been unnecessarily binding you to your day-to-day operations. It’s time to get your life back by systemizing your business.

· Document your procedures

Sure each day can present a host of new challenges but overall most tasks are repetitive. Place these tedious tasks on autopilot by documenting the procedures for successful completion. If you can’t find the time to document these tasks, consider hiring someone to do it for you. That leads to the next point.

· Remove yourself from the equation

This can be difficult and a little scary for some but you have to ask yourself the question: would my business run without me? If your business completely relies on your presence, it’s truly time to systemize. Hire qualified employees that can assist you in every department from marketing to accounting to human resources. Keep costs in check by calculating your ROI. You want to systemize without losing profit.

· Focus on one task at a time

Systemizing is about effectiveness and even though multi-tasking is a buzzword that seems to never go out of style, focusing on one job at a time can lead to better time management. Whether you decide to hire qualified candidates to assist your daily operations or not, some tasks do require your attention. Focus on one chore a time and see it to completion before starting another.

· Measure your success

Keep tabs on all aspects of your business by creating quantitative goals. Systemizing without a solid goal in mind can waste time and the whole idea of improving efficiency is saving time. For example, track your sales team by calculating their lead conversion and your marketing team via ROI. Again, you don’t have to perform these calculations yourself, delegate these tasks to your team members.

Document your procedures, remove yourself from every aspect of your day-to-day operations, focus on the tasks that still require your attention and measure your success. Stay true to these steps and you will most definitely gain much-needed freedom by leveraging the power of systemizing.