Take Your Sales to the Next Level: How to Hire the Right Salesperson

Your sales are on the upswing and things are looking good but you want them to be great.

Maybe you have determined that it’s time to hire a salesperson, an adept professional who can help your company reach the next level.

But before you decide to flood local newspapers and the Internet with want ads, you might want to consider one important question: Have you ever hired a salesperson? Finding a good sales professional can be a difficult endeavor but when armed with the right knowledge it’s not an impossible task.

First things first…

Do you really need a salesperson?

You already have an expert that knows your product or service inside and out. This person has been with you from the start and has unrivaled passion for your business. It’s you. No one can match your level of enthusiasm and knowledge, so prior to starting the hiring process truly determine if you really need a sales professional. Additionally, it’s imperative you understand the sales process before hiring an associate.  Sell your company’s product yourself so you can become accustomed to the process. How can you hire a winning salesperson if you don’t understand your own sales process?

If it’s time to hire consider the following key points.

What type of salesperson do you need?

You sell $10,000 worth of products every month and you are looking for a sales professional who sells that amount in a week. Is this a good plan? Sure you want to grow, but make sure you hire a salesperson who fits your needs now. In other words hire someone you can afford. A bored sales professional won’t do you any good.

You want a winner, but an honest winner

Honesty is the most important quality of a good salesperson. The win at all costs mentality will come back to bite you – it always does. Only consider candidates that have an ethical background, quite frankly as squeaky clean as possible. You don’t need to hire a person with the traits of the Pope but if a potential has any red flags, move along to the next.

Goals, goals and more goals

Sales is a numbers game and numbers need to add up to something. That something is a goal. Great salespersons set goals and then do the necessary work to reach them. When interviewing candidates make sure they can produce quantitative proof of their success with goal setting and goal achieving.

Short memory like a baseball closer

If you are a fan of baseball then you have heard the old adage that a closer needs a short memory. In short, a closer understands that he may fail tonight but necessity may require him to perform again tomorrow night. If he dwells on his failure there is no way he can succeed. The same can be said of a good salesperson. He needs to be able to deal with “no.” If prior rejection follows him to his next sales appointment he will never succeed.