Three Tips to Help Your Team Communicate Better

Communication is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a team is successful. High-performing teams – in the workplace, in a sports arena, or anywhere else – are characterized by their ability to communicate effectively with one-another.

As a leader, your life becomes much simpler if your team members can learn to communicate well amongst each-other, rather than looping you into every conversation unnecessarily.

But, communication doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Your team may be composed of people with drastically different backgrounds, abilities, and communication skills. So, how can you encourage effective communication? Here are three tips:

Model excellent communication yourself. You set the tone, as the leader of your business. Be clear and intentional in your own communications. When you need information, ask for it. When you need a task completed, give directions clearly and carefully. Don’t confuse your team with too much information, and don’t leave them guessing by not providing enough. It’s your job to demonstrate what good communication looks like in your workplace.

Be clear what needs to be communicated – and what doesn’t. Don’t assume that your team knows how they need to communicate. Help each team member to understand the roles of others on the team, and to understand what type of information needs to be shared, and what doesn’t. Define this upfront – don’t leave it up to your employees to figure it out as they go.

Put systems and structures in place to facilitate communication. It’s important that you make communication easy and efficient – or it won’t happen. If your sales and marketing team need to communicate frequently, put them in close physical proximity, if possible. Be intentional about how you lay your office out. And, consider digital communication channels like Slack or Google Chat to make it easy for team-members who aren’t in close proximity to communicate.

Communication is fundamental to creating effective teams. Are your team-members communicating well?

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