Want Freedom? Build Your Management Team

Does your business give you freedom to live the life you want to live? Do you have the ability to pursue your passions, take vacations, spend time with loved ones, and still earn the income you need to support your family?

Or… does your business sometimes feel more like a dead weight hanging around your neck? Do you feel trapped, unable to think about anything other than your business, and unable to spend more than a day or two outside of your business for fear that the whole thing will come tumbling down?

If you’re in the second camp – if you feel more like a hostage of your business than an owner – I’ve got good news for you. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of business owners who have built a business that provides freedom and serves their lifestyle. And that means you can do it too! 

If freedom is your goal – and it should be – than one of the most important strategies you can pursue is the development of a strong management team. 

Your average employee needs support. They need someone to keep them on track, to help them solve problems, to keep them motivated. They run into problems that they don’t know how to solve – customer problems, technology problems, operational problems, you name it. 

So the question is… who do your employees come to when they need support? 

If your answer to that question is “me…” then are you really surprised that you don’t feel any freedom from your business? If YOU are the person that employees depend on to solve their problems and keep them moving in the right direction, than of course you can’t afford to be away from your business for very long. 

So the critical step to creating freedom for yourself is to begin building a management team that can play this role. This management team becomes a layer in between you and your employees. They bear the day-to-day responsibility of keeping your employees productive. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can put the business on auto-pilot (yet.) Your management team will still need direction and supervision. Occasionally they’ll be stumped by a problem and they’ll need your help. 

But when you have a competent team in place, they’ll take a whole lot of the weight off your shoulders. If you want freedom from your business – get serious about building your management team.