Want Success and Happiness? Become More Optimistic

Do you practically jump out of bed in the morning raring to face the challenges of the upcoming day? Or does it take everything inside of you to muster enough energy to toss off your covers and take a single step towards the shower? And why does this even matter?

Simply, how a person begins his day can reveal if he trends toward optimism or pessimism, and people who fall in the former category live much happier and fulfilled lives than those who are classified in the latter.

If you are more of a glass half empty type is there a way you can flip your view and starting seeing the glass as being half full? Yes actually there is, and the following five pointers can assist you in becoming a more positive, productive person in life and in business.

1. Don’t try too hard to be happy

First and foremost don’t hurt yourself trying to be happy, in other words don’t try too hard. Unfortunately attempting to make yourself happy by being happy doesn’t work and in fact can backfire. You have to find something to focus on that satisfies you because if you don’t, your inner pessimist will ruminate over every single perceived negative thing that happened over the prior 24 hours.

2. Find work and hobbies that ignite your passion

Optimists are passionate about their life and their work. Ask yourself “Do I have passion for my occupation?” If you answer “No” you might want to consider a change. When you are passionate about your daily activities you won’t have to worry about the issue that was outlined in point number one.

3. Turn failures into successes

One thing is certain, failures and setbacks are an inevitability, but how you deal with them is entirely up to you. Initially when you experience disappointment you aren’t expected to do cartwheels of excitement, but what you do after you get the news will ultimately determine the outcome, good or bad. Try to solve the problem rather than just complaining about it. Which leads to…

4. Slow down your complaining

Just like trying too hard to be happy, trying too hard not to complain will backfire. That being said, still make a good faith effort to minimize your habitual complaining. When something occurs that you don’t like, work to change it rather than kvetch about it. Ask yourself the following two questions: “If I can’t change it why even complain?” and “Is it really worth my time and stress to focus on it?”

5. Surround yourself with optimistic people

Trying to become more positive while still surrounding yourself with negative, pessimistic friends and family will make your efforts nearly impossible. Surround yourself with positive people and you will find yourself becoming more positive yourself. Like the old saying states “birds of a feather flock together.”