Want to Succeed in Business? Build Relationships!

There are many pathways to successful business growth that many claim to have found throughout years of entrepreneurial wisdom – from classic telemarketing sales procedures to the more modern use of social media for marketing efforts. However, if any tip remains tried and true, it’s that everything in business runs on well-built relationships. Want to succeed in business? Build relationships!

Think about it this way: Relationship building is a constant in every advice for success. Want more social media followers? Make your company seem more personable. Want viewers to follow your advertisement’s call to action? Warm their hearts and fulfill their psychological needs. Want a powerful sales pitch? Maintain eye contact and a smile. Do you see the pattern? Growing your company is all about the many ways you can reach out and personally convince someone to trust your business – whether through marketing, advertising or sales.

Many studies have found that it takes at least seven “touches” to successfully convince a qualified sales lead – and that’s with someone who is already interested. Basically, you have to stay relevant, allowing potential customers time to weigh options while your business keeps popping up in their lives. Perhaps they’ll see a Facebook post (one touch), then an advertisement (two touches), then you send a follow up email (three touches) and so on. That way, people feel as if they know you and will therefore think of you – rather than the competition – when they are ready to buy.

Additionally, to facilitate a productive workplace atmosphere, the relationship with your colleagues is essential. A great business needs a dedicated team, and a dedicated team needs to run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect the importance of building relationships with employees. People care about circumstances that benefit them – so why would they devote themselves to a company that simply treats them as worker bees?

In both business and life, you must take everything step by step. The most productive steps toward success include ones that build the relationship with your potential customers, current customers and team.