World Class Employee Engagement the Ritz Carlton Way

Just like a rudderless ship will never reach its destination, an organization with disengaged employees will do nothing more than run in circles before eventually running out of fuel. An employee that is truly engrossed and enthusiastic about their place of employment is as good as gold and no company acknowledges this very fact more than the world-famous Ritz Carlton. Take note from this luxury resort and hotel leader and you too will have employees that are ecstatic, eager and completely engaged.

Respect your employees and they will in turn respect your customers

When one thinks of the Ritz Carlton world-class customer service immediately comes to mind. This unequaled service starts with a healthy employee/employer relationship. The Ritz Carlton refers to its employees as “Ladies” and “Gentleman” and describes them as “exceptional.” Foster a positive relationship with your employees from the very beginning and they will show the same respect to your customers.

Align company and employee core values with communication

The Ritz Carlton makes its standards very clear and so should you. Create succinct reference cards that your employees can review daily to remind them of your business’ core values.  Additionally, taking another page from the Ritz Carlton’s playbook, start each day with a motivational meeting. Have employees share exceptional customer service stories that will inspire them to go even further the coming day. Employee excitement will lead to employee engagement.

 Empower your employees

The exceptional Ladies and Gentleman of the Ritz Carlton are empowered to create a unique and unforgettable customer service experience. You interviewed, hired and trained your employees so it’s vital that you allow them enough wiggle room to make decisions on their own. Provide your employees with the proper tools, tangible and intangible, to provide your customers with truly remarkable service without unnecessary limitations. Trust your employees to make the right moves autonomously and they will reward your operation with quality work and unmatched loyalty.

The Ritz Carlton leads the way in employee engagement by showing their workers respect, communicating core values and empowering their dedicated Ladies and Gentleman to create a fabulous customer experience. Follow this industry giant’s recipe for success and your company can also experience world-class employee engagement as well.